Peterbilt Truck Model 567

Built strong, reliable and customizable, the 567 is the steadfast heavy duty workhorse.

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Built strong, reliable and customizable, the 567 is the steadfast heavy duty workhorse.


The 567 comes equipped with advanced Vehicle Electronic Control Unit technology. The integration process of vocational bodies is simplified with convenient electrical connectors and customizable programming designed specifically for your operation.


The advanced SmartNav display delivers operation-critical vehicle information and alerts to ensure driver safety. With its integration-ready design, adding aftermarket options, such as exterior cameras, extend driver visibility on and around the vocational body.

Remote Diagnostics

Get real-time insights and custom 24/7 notifications on the health of your fleet with the 567’s advanced SmartLINQ technology. SmartLINQ monitors fleet health through more than 750 engine and aftertreatment diagnostic codes to maximize uptime and keep your fleet running at peak performance.

Powerful Engine Options

The 567 comes with your choice of fuel-efficient diesel engine options. Known for their unsurpassed strength, reliability and performance, the PACCAR MX engines blend high-pressure fuel injection with high-tech calibration for outstanding vocational performance.

Quality & Design

Ergonomic Cab
The 567’s angled dash, steering wheel and adjustable seating keep controls conveniently and comfortably within reach.
Safer Viewing Angles
With its large windshield and cab-mounted mirrors, the 567 delivers superior visibility in every direction.
Easy Cab Access
For easy entry and exit, the 567 features stair-style steps with non-slip tread for extra traction.


The 567 is standard with 6S6M Anti-Lock Braking technology, providing added safety in busy traffic or hazardous conditions. During hard braking situations, each system uses onboard wheel speed sensors to adjust brake pressure on individual wheels to prevent wheel slippage and lock-ups.

Advanced Alerts & Monitoring

With backup warnings, seat belt alarms, tire pressure monitoring, programmable safety interlocks and lane departure warning systems, the 567 is the right choice for busy drivers.